Home Café Days on the Liv Coastline and the Dundaga Parish

A land by the two seas surrounded by hummocks, dips and Slitere Blue hills. The Livonians and Courlanders are really proud of their traditional dishes that everyone should taste at least once in their lifetime.

The Livonian Coastline involves a series of shoreline villages from Ovīši to Ģipka along the shores of the Baltic Sea and the Bay of Rīga. Every fishing village possesses some special ancient building traits and temperate charm of landscapes exclusively characteristic of this region. The ubiqity of the small Finno-Ugric nation can be felt everywhere – in the local dialect, culture, traditions and steady character of people tempered by the marine winds.

The culinary traits of the region have been formed through the interaction of the Livonian fishermen from the seashore and the ploughmen from Dundaga rise. The outcome is quite delicious and diverse!



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