Home Café Days in the Central Latgale

Locals, who historically are called Latgalians, love to eat and treat their guests. Are you tired of the hurly-burly? Do you miss sincere conversations? Make sure to take part in home café days in Central Latgale, where you will find small and cosy cafés that are prepared to welcome each guest for wonderful meals that have proven their value and quality over the course of centuries.   

Central Latgale is a small part of the large Latgale region, and here visitors will find a concentration of Latgalian traditions and hospitality, which are known all around the world. The best view on the modern Rezekne city, is from the castle hill that holds ruins from the 13th century Livonian castle. Nearby is a large acoustic concert hall “GORS”.  Visitors should also visit the lovely Luznava Estate in the Rezekne region and enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Razna, which is known as the Sea of Latgale.  In Ludza town guests may find dreamy visions as they walk down the cosy streets of the town and learn about the stories of Latvia’s oldest town. 

Central Latgale is an excellent weekend destination for fans of active tourism, those looking for good feelings, and those who enjoy excellent, homemade food.



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